My Last Quiet Morning

I should have known that when I got with someone who is heavily involved with every aspect of their mother’s life that I would somehow end up caring for an in-law.
I grew up in a small family where privacy was respected and everyone was quiet. Everyone but me that is. I was the rambunctious one. My family consisted of my 2 parents, my 2 older sisters, my younger brother and then me. For the most part, we all minded our own business unless we were out to annoy the other sibling.
Even when I went to go live with my Biological mother in Canada where I instantly became the oldest of 3 younger brothers who were all 10x more rambunctious than me. My brothers all though taunted me by invading my privacy, I never recalled us as people who ran to save one another every time someone called. And yet here I am with a person who’s love for their family is so big it’s a default.
God Help me…
Every year in the past 5 years of being with my wife, Joy, there was always a situation at hand. If it wasn’t her mother, it was her sisters, or her brother and father. The first year we were serious it was her brother, how she wanted to take custody of him because his mother doesn’t do enough for him or how he deserves better. The following year it was helping her sister get out of a bad relationship, help her get herself together for the sake of her children. The year after that her aunt needed a car so what does my wife do? She gets a car for her aunt and cousins and so on and so forth year after year.
I entertained all of her heroic ideas of saving her family of their own mistakes but never EVER in my wildest dreams did I think that any of it would actually happen.
That was until now……