The Sun shined bright through the curtains that morning. Everyone was still asleep. The house was still, I was awake enjoying the peace that sat over the house as the sun made its appearance over the trees. Looking back at it now, I wish I would have savored that moment more than usual that day. I wish I would have stayed up longer to enjoy that stillness rather than rolling over to catch a few more minutes of sleep. Maybe if I would have spent more time with God, I would have heard what was to come.
It was a hot and humid summer day, Joy and I had just rolled out of bed now downstairs drinking our favorite cup of coffee when a call came through Joy’s cell phone. I could tell by the look on Joy’s face and the tone in her voice that our quiet morning had come to an end. Shortly after the call was over Joy went and got ready. She kissed me, got in her car and began her journey across states to bring her home. Our home.
I spent the next 8 hours with a gut wrenching feeling. Anxiety pumping through my veins. I tried to manage my emotions by cleaning and packing as we were in the middle of moving. Although the majority of the house was packed I made sure to prepare her room and bathroom, after all, if there is anything my mom taught me it was hospitality.
The bright sun had made its departure by the time the garage door began to open underneath the kitchen floor. My heart began to pound out of my chest as I could hear them coming up the stairs.

Here she was, lanky, 13 years old girl. Most 13-year-olds are in an awkward stage but not her, she was very confident, extremely opinionated, and loud, VERY, VERY LOUD ( there went the peace, I thought to myself).
“Hi Aunt Harmony”
“Hi Serenity”.