Walking my way to my sanity

 Having a teenager in the house was like being dropped off in a foreign country. Everything I did and said was wrong. My mind had become so clouded, my body felt like it wanted to break down and my spirit was tired. I had to find a way to escape, a place to go and get my thoughts together since what used to be my sanctuary has become a place where I just go and lay my head. I got in my car and began to drive, I decided to pull into the park and take a stroll. When I parked it was very difficult for me to get out of my car but when I finally did, I felt like I became one with nature. The smell of the flowers and the fresh air purified my thoughts. I continued to walk and came across a secret path, nobody else seemed to know it was there and standing at the beginning of this path I realized that everyone’s paths are going in different directions. And as I continued on this empty path, I ended up in a garden where other paths led to, sitting there were these gorgeous antique tables and antique iron tea kettle. I stood there in amazement at this beautiful work of art. In the silence with nothing but the breeze I realized that although my life feels like it is over, God has chosen me to help lead Serenity out of her endless path of destruction and into the master piece that he has in store for her. Just like the antique Tea kettle that has been used and tossed, someone saw beauty in it and what appeared to be the end of its life has been transformed into a beautiful work of art.