Woman of Power


Woman Of Power.

I drew this picture a few years ago when I was going through a rough patch in my career. I was very discouraged and silently fighting depression. I was desperate for something to come and pull me out of what felt like this constant state of drowning like someone had tied and anchor to my feet and dropped me into the sea, and every ship that sailed by saw me as lost treasure but not good enough to stop and pull me out. This was a time when I felt stuck in my career, I started to question this path I had been on for 10 years- 10 years of chasing the same dream. It seemed no matter how hard I tried, I wasn’t advancing. One stormy night the Lord woke me out of my sleep and called me into my art room.

I left my bed and headed to the art room, I sat in the room quietly, waiting for some sort of sign or miracle to happen but the longer I waited the more impatient I became. Saddened by what seemed to feel like laughter coming from the rain hitting against my window, I threw my hands over my face and began to cry. Tears began to stream down my face over my hands and down my arms. I was vulnerable and scared, Oh God, how I was scared.

“Draw,” Said the Soothing voice of God.

“Draw the way you wish to see yourself”

I grabbed a paper and some paint and began to unleash my pain. Every brush stroke, every splash of color, every line that was drawn was a direct reflection of my pain. When I finished, I sat back and observed the emotions that I had just released onto this innocent sheet of paper. I decided to call the painting “Woman of Power”.

The rain had calmed down and all that was left was the stillness of the night. My mind had slowed down and my hands were no longer shaking. Peace had taken over me.

” Remember who you are” Whispered, God.

I stared at the picture and thought to myself ” How can this be me when nothing in my life reflects this?”

“Trust Me”–

Till this day when I get discouraged, I look at this painting and I am reminded that I am a “Woman of Power”.